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Our Services

Kaneohe Auto Care is ASE Certified to provide your family's vehicles with quality repairs.

Oil Change And Maintenance

Oil change                                   Brake flush   

Preventive Maintenance             Tire air pressure   

Coolant flush                               Wiper blades 

Tire rotation                                 Tune-ups  

Transmission filter change         Safety Inspection

Air Conditioning and Heating Repair

A/C System Diagnostics

A/C Recharge

Evaporator, Compressor,

Condensor Replacements

Electrical Repairs

Battery, Alternator and Starter Testing

Bulbs and Lighting

Power Windows and Locks

Fuses and Relays

Windshield Wipers and Washers

Computer Diagnostics

Check Engine Light

Air Bag System

ABS antilock brake system

TPMS tire pressure monitor

Cooling System

Radiators                                 Coolant Flush and Fill

Hoses                                       Leak Test  


Water pump

Brake System

Complete Brake Inspection              Brake Booster

Replace Pads and Shoes                Brake Adjustment

Master Cylinder                                Calipers

Wheel Cylinder                                 ABS antilock brake system

Brake Flush

Steering and Suspension  

Shocks and Struts


Tie Rods

Ball Joints


Timing Belt & Water Pump Replacement

Exhaust & Emission Systems